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Dalian Tourism Bureau is working with a dedicated phone guide

Date: 2013-05-03

Dalian City Tourism Bureau recently announced to expand the "smart travel" coverage for the city's 46 Class A travel guide all equipped with dedicated work phone.

According to the Dalian Municipal Bureau of Tourism Information Center staff, tour before the tour, travel itinerary will be reported prior to the Tourism Bureau. In the implementation of the "smart travel" before, you need to print out the paper guides itinerary and signature confirmation. Now, with dedicated work cell phone, the message center will be confirmed via texting identity and travel guides, tour guides can only reply to messages.

It is reported Everywhere scenic tour Available dedicated work phone "credit card" to buy e-tickets. In addition, a dedicated work phone installed GPS positioning system, if the tour itinerary exceeds the predetermined range, the Tourism Bureau management platform will automatically alarm, relevant management personnel will be the first time to obtain the information, and at any time by telephone, text messaging forms and guides to contact, asking them to bring tour groups back the original line. Lu is